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Carly Simpson

I am a mixed heritage counsellor with strong feminist beliefs. After several years working in business environments I decided to re train and found that humanistic counselling, with it's emphasis on a persons innate ability to change and grow, appealed to my wanting to work in an area that more clearly aligned with my values. I also believe that counselling can be helpful for everybody, not just in times of crisis.

Since qualifying I have worked with a variety of clients and discovered I have a passion for working with women, at various life stages, around issues of motherhood and personal identity. I strongly believe there is no 'right' way to exist in the world, despite a current tendency toward polarised viewpoints. I strive to allow space for clients to understand themselves and  what matters to them.

I have worked and travelled overseas and have now called Lewisham home for over 14 years. I trained at Goldsmiths College and The Gestalt Centre and have worked for several organisations locally offering both long and short term counselling.

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