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Making the decision to start a family can be overwhelming and laden with expectation. It can be helpful to have a space to explore your feelings, beliefs and values around whether it's right for you. I also offer support to those trying to conceive and undergoing IVF.

Having a baby is often a joyous event. However pregnancy also places great physical and emotional demands on your body. This can cause feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and fear, amongst others. 

It may bring up uncomfortable feelings or unresolved issues from your own childhood. It might be that you feel the societal pressure to do things the 'right' way or be struggling adjusting to significant lifestyle changes. Counselling during this time can help you manage these emotions and prepare for the changes to come.


The weeks and months after childbirth can be both challenging and exhausting as you adapt to looking after a newborn.  It can leave little space to look after your own needs.

If you experienced a traumatic birth it can be helpful to take time to tell your story and work through the difficult emotions. You may appreciate a space to share general worries and difficulties around parenthood and regain a sense of self, without any external pressures, judgements or expectations. 

Post pregnancy counselling can also benefit partners, who may be struggling to adapt to change, have their own fears and anxiety around parenthood or need to process their experience around a traumatic birth.

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