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Help for Your Life


I understand that modern life can present us with daily stresses and challenges that can add up and feel like too much. I can support you to work through difficult emotions, loss and change. 

Are you struggling to work something out? Are there losses in your life that you are yet to come to terms with? Is it impacting your relationships, work or home life? Have you experienced a life change? Maybe it’s just a feeling that something is not quite ‘right’ for you at the moment. 

From my own experience of therapy I know I appreciate having time and space to talk and process things at my own pace. I seek to offer you a calm but, when necessary, challenging space to help you explore issues in your life, to grow and gain a greater understanding of who you are in relation to everything that surrounds you. I believe that having this awareness can create a stronger sense of self and greater resilience to the challenges that life can present us with. It can also help us make sense of past experiences when we have a better understanding of how we are in the world.

I take a holistic approach and like to look at you as a whole, with an awareness of both body and mind impacting how you feel.  I will not judge you or tell you what to do but respect your process and how you function, working with what you bring.


The experience of pregnancy (including the decision of whether to become a parent, the journey to conception and transition to becoming a parent) is different for each individual. As well as being an exciting and joyous time it can also impact our sense of self and bring feelings of fear and anxiety. Sessions can be an opportunity to explore complicated emotions, process experiences and increase your sense of self before, during and after pregnancy.


Losing someone close to us can be a painful and life altering experience. It is normal for the grieving process to take some time. I offer a space to work through difficult emotions and perhaps unfinished business or feelings of being stuck. As well as addressing painful emotions, sessions may also be a chance to imagine life further down the line.

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